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Handi Handles


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Handi Handles
$99.00 s/h $7.00

The all new Quilter's Handi-Handles interface between your sewing machine and your quilting frame. Handi-Handles simply plug into your existing machine. This allows you to use the same machine for piecing, quilting and binding. The Handi-Handles simply mount to the carriage of the quilting frame and plug into your sewing machine. No more fumbling with footpedals, all the controls are at your fingertips. *SPEED CONTROLS Speed control aids in achieving consistant stitch length and ease in starting & stopping. AVAILBLE TO USE WITH BROTHER,JUKI,BERNINA,vIKING AND OTHER MACHINES

My Handi Handels Set Up With the Juki TL98E

Handi Quilter with Handi Handles set up

My Set up
Handi Handles used with Handi Quilter

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